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Azure Takes on Terraria 4 by Stickman16
Magicrobot by Stickman16
Touche, Dear Pigpeter... by Stickman16
Ya ready for this?  I SAID, ARE YA READY FOR THIS!??!?!

That's right, I'm FINALLY offering to do Comic commissions!  People tell me all the time, "Please include my character in your comic doing this!"

So I've decided, Lemme do that for ya, at long last!

Only you can pay me for it, dohohoho.

Comics come in Three (3) forms:  Terraria Comics, Bar Comics, and Quick Comics.

:bulletgreen:Terraria Comics features your OC's doing fun stuff like you would in Terraria.

:bulletpurple:Bar Comics features your OC's doing fun stuff while getting drunk (All characters are of legal age, obviously)

:bulletblue:Quick Comics features your OC's drawn in a simple style doing random fun stuff.
Suggestive/NSFW Stuff
Advertisement by Stickman16
Dat Ass by Stickman16
Obviously VERY NSFW Stuff will be featured on my NSFW Tumblr account, but you can get Commissions here to make some really sexy-ish stuff.

Suggestive stuff, like kinky outfits or sublimely censored stuff however, CAN be featured here, and I just love workin' with stuff like that currently.

Hit me up with what you want and I can make it happen.
Tune in the Spotlight by Stickman16
The Twin Unicorns by Stickman16
Terraria Bros by Stickman16
Fancy an OC of yours drawn in my style?  No problem!  Let me know who you want drawn and I'll get it done!
Azure-DoomxVal Ship by Stickman16
Request: InfinitiesKnight by Stickman16
Catch of the Day by Stickman16
   There's only one thing I love more than a good ship, and that's DRAWING a good ship!

If you've got points to spare and want a ship drawn for you, look no further!  Let me know who you want to be in the ship, and I'll get right to it!

If you want specifics, such as scenery and poses, let me know also.

:bulletblue:Normal Price- 100:points:
:bulletblue:Extra Ponies- 50:points: per Pony
:bulletblue:Backgrounds- 25:points:

Newest Deviations

Oh boy, look at all the stuff!


I don't just favorite art for the hell of it, or because it's all up in my messages like spam, I favorite art so that I can remember it. And save time instead of having to do a thousand searches for the one thing I'm looking for.
Go Figure. :la:

Deviant of the Week

--Deviant of the Week is back and better than ever! Expect to see some really fascinating artists here, and go give 'em a good ol' recommended watch!--

I don't think I've said anything cool about this person yet, but if so, let's hear it again! LET'S HEAR IT FOR :iconcatavenger:!!!!

Okay, so some of the stuff I sometimes see appear in my DeviantWatch Message Folder can be REAALLY cool. I mean, like, REALLLY. And the stuff that CatAvenger puts out is SIMPLY ADORABLE.

Pristine by CatAvenger

I'll Be There To Snatch It by CatAvenger

Sword Art Online Collab by CatAvenger

The style, as is with most Artists I look up, is definitely unique. What CatAvenger aims for most are BIG eyes, and Long legs. The subtle curves and shading gives it a very soft look.

Not only that, but the soft look can also give a creepy, dark aura-feeling when she draws something like Lethal or Dusknoir, almost something to give you shivers! Brrr!

Oh, and she's a Brony Analyst Artist, so totally biased bonus points from me, dohhoho. :la:

Go give CatAvenger a watch! Stick around for more awesome stuff!



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United States
Image by Smashedatoms

My ID honestly needed a cleanup, so don't be shocked by the sudden explosion of space, dohoho.

Name's Will. If ya see me around, you can call me Will, or Stickman, or Azure, or whatever makes you comfortable.

I'm British in an American world, woohoo!

I happen to be a Traditional Art specialist with some talent in Digital. I've been drawing all sorts of things since I was a wee smidge-of-a-person. My most recent, overly creative years have been since I joined DA.

I'm a Brony, a Furry Supporter, and a fan of several TV shows. Shocker! :la:

Feel free to watch for more awesomeness, and even more so for cool updates, special deals, and commissions and shiz!

I'm thinking of making something BIG and EPIC and HEARTFELT to all my friends, both here and on Tumblr.  I'm thinking of some kind of comic, so that's probably what I'll do.
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Thanksgiving's Just around the corner! Whatcha got planned? 

3 deviants said Family fun time!
2 deviants said FOOOOD!
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Azure Flare's Personal, Non-Journal Updates and Crap!

Wassup dudes?
How Many Drinks, Azure Flare? by Stickman16

Here you can find the un-biased, un-inhibited, and un-leashed side of myself. I don't use my emotions to think here, I just give it to ya straight.

:bulletblue: The Willpacca idea was shot, so now I've got ANOTHER OC I don't use. Might set up an adoption thing for all the other OC's I don't use much.

:bulletblue: Thinking of a great big honkin' comic...

:bulletblue: Terraria is still awesome.


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Duuude  just noticed your commission set up on your page looks pretty niiiice. :)
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Thanks man! 
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I came to say thanks for the fave and realize your da id looks like you're about to do something very inappropriate to Piggy and me...

I...I need an adult... O.O 
Stickman16 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah, I need to get that changed don't I? Kinda fives people the wrong idea when they show up here! ^^;
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I still loves you. <3 
Stickman16 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Hello Will
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Ah, Master Ronny.  A pleasure to hear from you again after a prolonged amount of time!
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